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Essential oils for nose massage

Essential oils for nose massage

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Qi Wei will introduce to you the various nasal massage essential oil products we distribute. The nasal massage essential oil is used for nasal massage. Essential oil refers to the essence extracted from various natural plants. It is generally oily, viscous, and has a strong taste, so it is called essential oil. We can try to drop a drop of essential oil in warm water. After the essential oil starts to volatilize, it will soon be full of fragrance. Using nose massage essential oils to massage the nose can make our nose blood circulation more smooth and achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals. The specific massage techniques are as follows:

First apply our nose massage oil to the nose, gently push it evenly, draw a circle to let the skin absorb, then use your index finger to gently place both sides of the nose, use a gentle and soothing technique to move up and down, gently push, Squeeze, stay for a while, breathe slowly and deeply during the process, repeat the process, back and forth several times. The whole process lasts for about 10 minutes. After that, let the essential oil stay on the skin for a while before it can be washed off. Often gently massage the nose, which is conducive to blood circulation in this area, which can make the bridge of the nose more prominent and visually increase the bridge of the nose. Effect.

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